Thanks for your interest in the conference! Streaming videos of the panel presentations are available here.  If you're looking for the Ms. JD blog, please click here:

Laptop imageLegally Female: What Does It Mean To Be “Ms. JD”? is a collaboration between Yale Law Women and the national blog, Ms. JD, that explores the status of women in the legal profession. The conference will spark collaboration to improve the standing of women in legal careers and law schools. Panels will stake out common grounds where women in law can connect across boundaries of geography, institutions, and practice areas. Legally Female’s goals are (1) to foster professionally transformative alliances through new communications technologies, and (2) to share tools and strategies to enhance the experiences of women in law.

Conference participants will discuss the evolution of women’s positions in the legal profession and the ways that technology is changing what it means to be a woman attorney. The conference will also harness the amplifying power of the Internet by uploading speaker content and inviting live bloggers to share panelists’ insights across the web. Most importantly, conversations and projects begun at the conference will grow and expand online after the conference ends.